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Mr. D (s7e2)

Gerry Rigs PTA

Lisa, now married to Alex’s father and still reeling from her Xavier departure, sets out to punish the staff by running for the unopposed position of PTA president.

season 7 - episode 2 Gerry Rigs PTA 2017-10-03 Watch
Mr. D (s7e1)

Gerry Wants to Make Phys Ed Great Again

It's a new school year and Gerry has finally achieved his goal: full-time Phys Ed! But when he finds out how Bobbi's been teaching Phys Ed, Gerry's appalled.

season 7 - episode 1 Gerry Wants to Make Phys Ed Great Again 2017-09-26 Watch
Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio (s1e7)

Murder by Hot Shot

Suspicious of local law enforcement's motives, investigators meet with law enforcement to facilitate a search warrant for a possible murder victim's burned remains. A new suspect with a history of violence against women emerges.

season 1 - episode 7 Murder by Hot Shot 2017-09-09 Watch
I Am Frankie (s1e2) season 1 - episode 2 I Danger 2017-09-11 Watch
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (s7e18) season 7 - episode 18 A Health of Information 2017-09-09 Watch
Guy's Family Road Trip (s1e5)

To Shining Sea

Guy Fieri and his family stop in Fairhope, Ala. to visit their friend Panini Pete and see one of the most unusual farming operations in the country: oysters! Guy and his son, Hunter, wade into the Gulf to harvest the oysters for a local pop-up dinner. Then, Guy takes Hunter and Ryder to Punta Clara Kitchen to make old-fashioned candies from scratch before they head for Florida. There, the Fieris explore the Everglades by airboat and cook a feast of frog legs and fried gator before winding up their epic adventure on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Miami.

season 1 - episode 5 To Shining Sea 2017-09-08 Watch
Candy Crush (s1e9) season 1 - episode 9 This Is Mind Blowing 2017-09-02 Watch
Game of Thrones (s7e7)

The Dragon and the Wolf

A meeting is held in King's Landing. Problems arise in the North.

season 7 - episode 7 The Dragon and the Wolf 2017-08-27 Watch
Blood Drive (s1e9)

The Chopsocky Special

Grace tests her kung fu against a mystic restaurateur; a dying Arthur embarks on a vision quest.

season 1 - episode 9 The Chopsocky Special 2017-08-09 Watch
The Lowe Files (s1e2)

The Secret Underwater Base

A bizarre geographic anomaly discovered off the coast of Malibu in the seventies has fascinated Rob since he was child. Believed by many to be an underwater alien base, the deep-sea formation has recently become the subject of renewed debate and online speculation after the posting of new satellite images. Rob, Mathew, and John Owen hitch a ride on a research vessel and head out to sea to investigate the mystery firsthand. Utilizing the same high-tech tools that helped to search the Titanic wreckage, the Lowes and the vessel’s experienced crew battle rough seas and a hostile underwater environment in search of the truth behind this controversial legend.

season 1 - episode 2 The Secret Underwater Base 2017-08-09 Watch
So Sharp (s1e3)

Not His First Rodeo

The aftermath of Todd switching center position in last week's dance sets the tone as Todd pushes the girls to hone their performance skills with a country routine. Gabrielle sees this country number as an opportunity to get into a formation, but does she have what it takes to make it in the routine? Todd's life outside of coaching is turned upside down when his best friend and trainer, Patrick, agrees to help him lose weight. Rose questions her friendship with Marissa and an incident at the basketball game threatens the Ladybirds' performance.

season 1 - episode 3 Not His First Rodeo 2017-08-09 Watch
Catfish: The TV Show (s6e19) season 6 - episode 19 Liar Liar Catfish On Fire 2017-08-02 Watch
Wahlburgers (s8e1)

Fry Me to the Moon

Donnie invites food critic Day’m Drops to Wahlburgers to help convince Paul to change up the fries. Also: Alma enlists the help of Johnny Drama to teach her golf so she can spend more time with Mark.

season 8 - episode 1 Fry Me to the Moon 2017-08-09 Watch
Little Women: LA (s6e25)

Couples Retreat: Breakfast Beef

A private argument at breakfast quickly turns public and heated. Later, Todd is eager to have new life experiences with Christy, while Jazmin and David's relationship hits a stumbling block when David reveals an intimate secret.

season 6 - episode 25 Couples Retreat: Breakfast Beef 2017-08-09 Watch
Ballers (s3e3)

In the Teeth

Spencer encounters resistance in LA and Oakland to his Vegas expansion initiative. Joe takes a detour with Reggie. Jason blasts Kisan for his lack of transparency. Charles bristles over Larry's failure to give him credit for a lineman he landed. Ricky jumps to conclusions.

season 3 - episode 3 In the Teeth 2017-08-06 Watch
American Ninja Warrior (s9e8) season 9 - episode 8 San Antonio City Finals 2017-07-31 Watch
Pawn Stars (s11e24) season 11 - episode 24 Great Scott! 2017-07-31 Watch
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (s4e2) season 4 - episode 2 Episode 2 2017-07-31 Watch
Ballers (s3e2)

Bull Rush

In Las Vegas on business, Spencer gets reacquainted with Chloe, an old flame now working for Wayne, while Ricky challenges the odds in a game of dice. Set up by Joe to represent top running back Kisan, Jason ends up sweating it out in a tough neighborhood. Charles gets a public-speaking primer from Julie; Vernon and Reggie make a risky endorsement deal.

season 3 - episode 2 Bull Rush 2017-07-30 Watch
Room 104 (s1e1)


Things go horribly awry when a babysitter arrives at Room 104 to watch an unusual boy named Ralph.

season 1 - episode 1 Ralphie 2017-07-28 Watch
Cops (s30e7) season 30 - episode 7 Dirty Laundry 2017-07-29 Watch
Power (s4e6)

New Man

Returning to Truth - Ghost finds himself trapped in a new business venture. Tommy escapes to Chicago for a meeting that takes a turn. And with Ghost released, Jukebox and Kanan revisit their plan to kidnap Tariq.

season 4 - episode 6 New Man 2017-07-30 Watch
Big Brother (s18e54) season 18 - episode 54 Live Final 2017-07-28 Watch
Blood Drive (s1e7)

The Gentleman's Agreement

Slink unleashes a demon from the belly of Heart Enterprises to exact his revenge and take control.

season 1 - episode 7 The Gentleman's Agreement 2017-07-26 Watch
The F Word (s1e8) season 1 - episode 8 Episode 8 2017-07-26 Watch
Big Brother (s18e51)

Day 50

Daily round-up of highlights, revealing how the housemates are getting on under the all-seeing eye of Big Brother, featuring the latest tasks, games, arguments, laughs, diary room visits and bedroom chit-chat. Narrated by Marcus Bentley.

season 18 - episode 51 Day 50 2017-07-25 Watch
Big Brother (s18e50)

Day 49

Daily round-up of highlights, revealing how the housemates are getting on under the all-seeing eye of Big Brother, featuring the latest tasks, games, arguments, laughs, diary room visits and bedroom chit-chat. Narrated by Marcus Bentley.

season 18 - episode 50 Day 49 2017-07-24 Watch
Power (s4e5)

Don't Thank Me

With tensions high, Silver warns Ghost that Tasha may have to testify. Meanwhile, now aware of Ghost's innocence, Angela struggles to find a way to stop the prosecution. And Teresi sets a plan in motion to eliminate Ghost.

season 4 - episode 5 Don't Thank Me 2017-07-23 Watch
Stitchers (s3e7)

Just the Two of Us

When Kirsten wakes up to find that everyone in the stitch lab, except Cameron, is missing, the two search everywhere but only find a series of mysterious clues. Kirsten is forced to confront her own emotions about her relationship with Cameron.

season 3 - episode 7 Just the Two of Us 2017-07-24 Watch
Love Island (s3e50) season 3 - episode 50 Episode 50 2017-07-24 Watch